Central Saanich Fire Hall

SRL installed the fire sprinkler systems during the construction of the new Central Saanich Fire Hall, and continue to service and perform the annual fire sprinkler inspection on the systems.

South Island Communications Centre

SRL installed a Pre-Action System in the server and electrical rooms. The pre-action system has a two-step process. First, the detection system identifies smoke or heat, which activates a pre-action valve that allows water to flow into the piping. Second, individual sprinkler heads release to extinguish the fire. This two step process allows for an added level of protection against accidental discharge, which makes pre-action systems ideal for water-sensitive environments.


Other Projects

These are few of our other projects in Residential, Commercial, Industrial and Institutional Sectors. Feel free to browse and please let us know if you have any questions!

  • DND/FMF Cape Breton – Utility Corridor
  • South Forks Water Treatment Plant
  • Oak Bay High School
  • Midtown Park – A Condominium complex in Victoria
  • The Duet – A Condominium complex in James Bay
  • Mt. View Village Care Facility – A 260 bed residential care facility on Carey Road
  • Uptown Business Park
  • 1075 Pandora – 13 story apartment building
  • 1033 Cook Street – condo building downtown Victoria
  • Eagle Creek Village – Phase 1
  • South Island Communication Centre – CRD building

Fisgard Lighthouse

Fisgard Lighthouse

The Pier

The Pier

Residential House

Wolfe Island